Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can Irish Setters be Therapy Dogs?

Princess Athena
Absolutely. Any dog can be a therapy dog. Talk to your local hospital they may be able to direct you to the company they use if they have one. Your vet will be another good resource to tap for classes available. There are certain criteria the dog has to meet in order to be a therapy dog. You have to go through the training first but it is so worth the time and effort you put into it.

Many show dogs are also therapy dogs too! You could also do a google search for your area. Most dogs can get their therapy certification. Actually, an Irish Setter would be a great therapy dog because they are very intelligent and of course, large. In a therapy situation, some of the patients will be in wheel chairs but don't want a dog on their laps.  It's a very rewarding activity for you and your dog.

What makes a great Therapy Dog?
A great therapy dog is friendly, confident, and likes visiting with humans more than other animals! It is controllable, predictable and completely non-aggressive in any situation. A great therapy dog will initiate contact, stay engaged, and allow their behaviors to be re-directed. And, of course, a therapy dog is free of any signs of ill-health and current on all its vaccinations.

Programs for Animal Assisted Therapy: Therapy Animals Supporting Kids (TASK)™ Program

by Alisa Hill-Rumraisin owner


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  1. Thanks Alisa
    Great post

    You can become a therapy dog by attending and being certified as a TD through the Delta group.
    You can then ask to be a volunteer with Angel on a Leash and visit area hospitals.
    Do it for you and your dog as well as the patients who will benefit by the love your very special pet brings to the bedside!!!