Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Summer Rumraisins

It is raining here now.
All the young kids are out.
It is a melancholy day for me.

I think back on this day in 1997, as if it were only yesterday and the kids were arriving in  my living room.

Caitlan was a great whelper, everyone was fat and happy.
I had no idea at the time what this litter would have me embark upon, with their love and beauty, wit and courage.

They were just my dozen hoodlums 6 boys 6 girls and I loved each one so fully.

They came when I was home all the time to care for them.
They came when my sons were young enough to appreciate them and care specially for them.

I look back on it and it seems like yesterday.
Yet in reality it was a life time ago.

Since then so much has changed.
The one thing that hasn't, and I thank God for, is my friendships with all of you.
It brings them back to life for me when I catch up with all of you.

I hope we will celebrate Mackie's 14th in our own special way.
I know his niece Princess Athena would love to be there sleeping next to him.
His nephew Tucker takes very good care of him each and every day.

Kisses to all my Summer kid owners and to the strongest and bravest, Mackie Fearon, who knows he is wished 'all' our love today and all year long.

May the Shamrocks fall softly my dear sweet babies.
May the tears fall softly today and the memories flow back my friends on a period in our lives we wouldn't change for the world despite this pain.

Hugs and Kisses
by Debra Hamilton-Rumraisin Breeder Mama

Wishing a Happy Birthday to our Summer friends. I know how much we all miss the special souls who have crossed the bridge and wish Mackie many more Days. There are no words to describe how much I miss my Shiloh. He is always in my heart. I see him around every corner and the lessons he taught me have made me a better person and a better friend to Phoenix.
How lucky we all were/are to have had them in our lives. How short the time we were given with them!
by-Susan Sullivan-Rumraisin Owner of Shiloh and Phoenix

Mackie Fearon
Mackie Fearon posing for his Cutie Card days...

Mackie Fearon relaxing Poolside Summer '11

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